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23rd-Mar-2030 10:24 pm - O hai there, random stranger!
Emily; english-style fuck you <3

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I hardly ever blog, and when I do it'll probably be about my freaky ass dreams I have or about random things that happen to me. Most things will be public, only things that are personal will be friends only. But feel free to add me if you want. Comment if you do and/or if you want me to add back. :)
JettStew; Rockstar
Title: I Hate Everything About You
Chapter: Three
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Jane/Bella
Rating: R
Summary: Jane's been feeling alot of things about Bella lately. Anger, hate, frustration. She never thought she'd be adding lust to the list. Bella/Jane eventually.
Notes: Wow, I doubt anyone is still reading this after all this time, but here's chapter four.

It was only when Jane was nearly back to the Cullen's house that she realized her mistake.Collapse )
2nd-Jan-2011 05:49 pm - Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Emily/Ali - loved her against reason

- I think my mum knows I smoke. Heh.

- I got my tongue pierced, and had to take it out becausecut for squeamish peopleCollapse ) Definitely getting it done again though, soon. :D

- I started watching Fringe, and OMG NEW FAVORITE SHOW EVER. All of Olivia Dunham's can have me ♥

- I read Sister by Rosamund Lupton, and you know that feeling you get when you've read shit book after shit book and then you finally, finally find a good one? Yeah. Hearts in my eyes.

- Happy new year! Have a gif

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I need more of these two, is that too much to ask?
Chris; Fuck it
I've been reading a lot of comics lately; especially DC/Marvel. I must of read Ultimate Spider-man #1-#80 in a mere few days, and my thirst for more of the comic book world brought me to Batman, or, more specifically, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

I mean, look:

Harley protecting her girl ♥
More ghey this wayCollapse )
Now, ima off to read more Batman comics and search for an icon for my new otp.
Emily; english-style fuck you <3
I hear the government are not funding for British films anymore. Well, fuck you, David Cameron, if you'll excuse my french. And the school's too I see? Wow, you're doing a brilliant job. Who voted for him, honestly? -.-
26th-Jul-2010 02:12 pm - I saw Toy Story 3 last night...
Emily/Ali - loved her against reason
OMFG I LOVED IT. The queue was ridiculously long, the cinema was packed and we had to wait for ages, but it was so worth it. You could tell that all the adults had to bring their kid's as an excuse to see it, because if I was a parent taking my kid to see a film I wouldn't queue for that long, I'd take 'em to see something else.
Cut for spoilersCollapse )
Oh God, there's lots more but I'm gonna stop myself there. So, so good.
Emily/Ali - loved her against reason
I came across I Write Like today, and I just put my Shrek the Third film review that I did for coursework into it, and I got this result:

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Emily/Ali - loved her against reason
This is so weird for me, I'm part German and for every match they've been in I've been cheering for them, and now it's my country v them. I don't know how to feel about this.

Changed my mind, COME ON ENGLAND! We most likely will not win, but still. :D

Oh shit, Germany's good with their feet. Dayumm.

I swear Rooney never used to be this fug. Maybe his non-existent hair makes his face more noticeable?

15 mins is, FFS England! There's about three of you guys in the penalty area and around 11 Germans scattered around you. LOGIC YOU GUYS, USE IT.

I'm loving our Goalie.





Ref should move the fuck out the way!

30 mins in, PHEW. I got tingles then. Thank baby Jesus we have a decent goalie this time.


I'm gonna need a stiff drink after this match, good Lord.



Second half, come on England I believe in you ♥

Why do they keep passing to that James guy?

I can't watch this anymore, I'm leaving :'(
22nd-Jun-2010 05:50 pm - Bowties are cool.
Emily/Ali - loved her against reason
Omg, I don't know how I maneged to go through this year without watching Doctor Who. Of course, 70% of the time I have no idea what's going on, but it still doesn't stop me from watching every episode on BBC iPlayer. I've just finished Amy's choice, and I have a few thoughts.

Things I Liked About It:

- The Doctor realizing that both worlds were fake. Ilu you smart sexy Time Lord!

- Amy. 'Nuff said.

- The tongues coming out of the old people's mouths.

Things I Did Not Like About It:

- I had this whole theory that Amy didn't really love Rory. Their back story implicated that they were friends from a very young age, and that they used to play dress up where he was the Doctor (Amy's crush), so I just assumed she never really loved him that way, just in a friend love. Which would explain why she wasn't so eager to marry him and kissed the Doctor the night before she was supposed to marry him. And then she killed herself because she was sure that a world without him wasn't the real one? Huh.

- The Doctor being the Dream Lord.

- I didn't like Rory much this ep. He was so pushy for her to move into that shitty little town and have his babies, even if it was fake.

I really need a Doctor Who icon.
Emily/Ali - loved her against reason
Love comedy sketches? Love comedy sketches that are actually good? Love British comedy? Then I daresay The Catherine Tate show is just for you.

My Top Ten Moments from the Catherine Tate show (contains strong language), guaranteed to make you laugh.Collapse )

GagaTate thanks you for your time.
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